Why Good Web Design is Important for Business

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Wix has become a popular choice for novice website creators who are looking to build professional-looking websites quickly and easily. But is it really the best choice?

In this blog post we will explore why WordPress beats Wix when it comes to SEO, customisation, user friendliness, and more – so keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more about why using wordpress is better than wix.

WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning that no single company owns it and anyone can make changes to the code

In today’s tech-driven world, WordPress has become a household name among bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike. One of the key features that make WordPress a standout platform is its open-source nature. Unlike other proprietary softwares, no single company solely owns WordPress, allowing anyone to access and make changes to its underlying code.

This not only means more flexibility and adaptability for users but also fosters a strong community of developers around the world. The constant evolution and redevelopment of WordPress by enthusiasts and experts alike ensure that this platform remains up-to-date and relevant for years to come.

WordPress offers a huge range of themes and plugins, making it much more customisable than Wix

When it comes to creating a website, customisation is key. With a wide variety of themes and plugins available, there are endless possibilities for designing a site that perfectly fits your needs. In fact, WordPress is known for its unrivalled flexibility and vast ecosystem of add-ons. Wix is much more limited when it comes to customisation options. So why settle for a cookie-cutter website when you can truly make it your own with WordPress?

WordPress is SEO friendly, whereas Wix is not

In today’s digital age, having a website that ranks high on search engines is crucial for any business to thrive. WordPress and Wix are two popular website builders; however, when it comes to SEO, they are not created equal. WordPress, with its vast range of SEO plugins and customisable options, makes it easy for website owners to optimise their content for search engines. On the other hand, Wix lacks basic SEO features like editable title tags and meta descriptions, making it difficult to optimise for search engines, ultimately hurting your online presence.

WordPress has better support options than Wix, offering documentation and forums for troubleshooting

As businesses and individuals continue to rely on websites to reach their audiences, the choice of which web builder to use can make all the difference. While both WordPress and Wix offer powerful features, there is one area where WordPress truly shines: support. With extensive documentation and dedicated forums, WordPress provides a wealth of resources for troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

You can easily integrate third-party applications with WordPress for a richer user experience

By integrating these apps with WordPress, you can add exciting features like social media integration or advanced analytics. Plus, it’s easier than you might think thanks to WordPress’s open-source nature and vast plugin library. So why settle for a basic website when you can take it to the next level with third-party apps?

In conclusion, WordPress is a great choice for beginners, web designers and developers alike. It has a wide range of features that make it easy to create a beautiful and SEO-friendly website in no time at all.

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