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At RJG Mediaworks, we use leading industry tools like AHREFS, SemRush, Google Analytics and more, to conduct comprehensive website audits that report:

  • the strengths and weaknesses of your website
  • how you can improve your online presence
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What do we check for?

Our website audits break down and report the performance of your website in the following areas:

Site Health

Checking for broken links & pages, spam, expired or broken plugins and other issues that harm the health of a website.

Technical Issues

Similar to overall site health with more of a deep dive into malfunctioning code, unwanted errors and redirects, or CSS errors.

Site Speed

Site speed is important for a number of reasons. Primarily, it will help identify issues with page loading, CSS and media compression.

Backlink Health

Not all backlinks are good! Some are toxic and can damage the reputation of your site in the eyes of Search Engines.

Traffic Analysis

Where is your websites traffic actually coming from? This is extremely important for any business to know. We analyse which pages and keywords are driving traffic to your site.

Keyword Rankings

If your website is user friendly with good content, it’s likely your site could be ranking for keywords organically. We analyse these keywords and identify any potential opportunities.

Keyword Intent

Commercial, Transactional, Informational and Navigational are the 4 main types of keyword intent. We compare the intent of keywords your site ranks for with your business to see if they align.

Position Tracking

All these factors determine where your website will show on a Search Engine. Using software like AHREFS, SemRush and Google Analytics allows us to determine where your site is sitting for different search results.

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