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RJG Mediaworks is a web design and digital marketing agency located in Brisbane. With over 15 years of experience building and growing brands and businesses, we can help take yours to the next level.

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We’re not in this industry to sell you something.
We’re in this to build something profitable together. That’s why we’ve spent years researching and testing different strategies to find what works for a small business.


In addition to developing your business website, we can also help drive laser targeted audiences and help you gain more customers with our search engine optimisation, copywriting, content creation and digital marketing strategies.


We offer a variety of services, tailored just for your business. Our team is committed to providing high quality service at an affordable price, but also giving personal attention to finding solutions that actually fit your business’ needs.

Meet us.

An experienced team of strategists, designers, marketers and content creators who provide digital services without breaking your bank.

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Ryan Graham, founder of RJG Mediaworks, is our Managing Director with over 15 years of experience in the online industry. He started creating online blogs at the tender age of 12 – fell in love with the industry and has never looked back. At the age of 17, he started his first online business and has been passoniate about entrepreneurship ever since.

Ryan’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring new things has seen him work in a diverse range of industries including technology, logistics, construction and much more. All this experience allowed him to take the knowledge of industries he learned over 15 years and apply them to RJG Mediaworks.

Since beginning his own journey into building businesses, he has been passionate about helping business owners grow and reach their full potential; as well as using his keen interest in automations, technology and software to bring helpful advancements into struggling workplaces.

Growing up in South East Queensland, he has always been drawn to the outdoors and loves getting off the beaten track – exploring new places and documenting his experiences through photographs. When he’s not working or exploring the great outdoors, you’ll find him enjoying a good cup of coffee or taking photos of his latest adventures.

Ryan is also the founder of Work Safety QLD – Free Work Health & Safety Resources for Queensland, and Explore SEQ – Your Guide To South East Queensland

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Sheridan Watters is our lead designer – a creative powerhouse with an innate sense of design and colour, and a passion for art and writing. She loves nothing more than using her creativity to help others achieve their goals.

Combining these passions with an extensive knowledge of advertising and marketing, Sheridan uses her skills to design and create websites, visual content, graphic designs and much more for RJG Mediaworks clients.

Also our lead Marketing Strategist, she has worked with small businesses across a wide variety of industries, helping them achieve new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. After years of experience in brand development and online advertising, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to create successful marketing campaigns.

Living in Brisbane, Sheridan enjoys exploring the creative side of life and has been drawn to street art and culture since she was young. Her work reflects her love of color, movement, and texture, and she hopes to share a little bit of that joy with others through her designs.

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